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Re: Scope resolution operator


Chuck Admas wrote:
> Is there any chance we could get a scope resolution operator or
> function for MOO?  With that, we could properly implement many things
> that have to use $utils now, i.e.
> $object_utils:isa(obj, thing) ---> obj:$root_class::isa(thing)
> $perm_utils:controls(obj, who) ---> obj:$root_class::trusts(who)
> A new pass() function that lets you specify whichj parent to pass() to
> could be incredibly useful.  Let's say you don't trust your PC owner
> not to mess with your :confunc (and you don't want to change player
> classes just yet).
> @program me:confunc
> return pass_to($player, @args);
> .
> Skipping all intermediate parents, keeping the value of 'this' intact,
> and bypassing any evil stunts that may lie inbetween.

I'm sure anyone who has written an HTML generating verb on an object way up in a 
hierachy on a Webbed MOO would find this addition a god-sent.  You always want 
the headers and footers added by #1, but sometimes the creaters of the rest have 
had a taste bypass, or simply different ideas as to layout, and having to 
massively patch the strings returned from a pass() to them is not fun.  It would 
also simplify porting webbed objects code without having to correctly port all 
the parents' code too.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE yes!



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