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Re: That patch I had...


Kipp wrote:
> > It has been successfully installed from LambdaMOO 1.7.8 and tested as high
> > as 1.7.9p2.
> Does anyone have a patch that will work on 1.8.0?  I have made many uses 
> for it in my MOO core, but I can't really use it unless I actually have 
> the patch...  It's got many uses, like making personal command aliases.

Well, on Monday I built a 1.8.0p5 server for testing at MOOtiny.  Then within 6 
hours p6 was released.  My luck is boundless.  I'll be building that tonight now 
the patch is out.

Anyway, as part of the MOOtiny server, many builtins, including do_command(), 
were added.  do_command() was the only one I couldn't get in to extensions.c (so 
far) because of it's reliance on server.c constructs.  I'm pretty sure now that 
adding it to server.c is a lot neater than fixing up lots of other stuff to get 
it in extensions.c, so have left it at that.

To the point.  The code works fine at 1.8.0p5.  We have not seen any problems 
running our core on it.

As an additional, thanks to Pavel for adding all we need to control the sending 
of \r for better Web displays, serving binaries from the MOO as an HTTPD (with 
the addition of FUP) and possibly building a MOO-FTP server/client object, 
without having to hack the server for it.  The only changes we make now to the C 
are to add do_command and my PEM decoder, and add the listassoc patch to speed 
up the stuff we do a lot in HTML creation.  We will miss you.



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