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Re: That patch I had...

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Seth I. Rich wrote:

> >This code is almost exactly like the 'do_command()' patch that has been 
> >floating around.  It is incredibly useful... PAVEL PLEASE INSTALL THIS!  
> >Perhps it would be better if the command actually work directly on 
> >unconnected people, instead of having to use $network...
> I can't see a use for this.  Why would a wizard want to cause another
> player to invoke commands?  Can't the wizard write code that doesn't 
> require this sort of game-playing?  (How does this builtin handle the 
> callers() stack?  Does it lie to callers() as well?)

It simply adds the command to the player's command buffer, as if the 
player typed it, so yes, it lies to the callers() stack.  For those that 
have control issues, it's only use is NOT controling people.  I have set 
this function up to be able to make aliases for commands...  in 
:do_command(), if args[1] is an alias, then use do_command() to invoke the 
aliased command.  Yeah, you can get into some recursive problems, but I 
think my check is adequite.

- Kipp


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