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Re: Newbie Alert #2: Keeping the MOO going

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996 wrote:

> Hello,
> Things are going well. I'm now running the Oct94 LambdaMOO db, and
> am finding it pretty easy to set up. But, there's one more thing:
> To start the moo, I log in to my Linux pc and run the moo executable.
> (moo Lambda.db dumplambda.db),
> and it goes on its merry way, but is running in the foreground (it
> lists what it's doing as people connect and disconnect, etc.) So,
> if I log off, the process is killed. How do I keep the MOO running
> without the security risk of leaving myself logged on?

You can start the moo (just like other Unix processes) in the background, by
starting the moo with 

moo <startup-db> <dump-db> <portnumber> &'

If you want to keep the log messages, use: 

moo <startup-db> <dump-db> <port> >> moo.log &

> Also, if it crashes, how do I restart it without losing all my work?
> Do I just use the previous dumplambda db as the startup db?

You should use the most recent dump of your moo, which you can use as the


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