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Dear Sirs,

I have recently set up a MOO on a Linux box. I have the basic core working,
have read the Programmer's Manual, subscribed here, checked out the
Newbie.txt and created a rather pleasant wind up duck.

At the moment I do not have any telnet facility, although my dept. has
assured me I will have by April ... ahem, ahem. As far as I can understand
this makes me unable to check out more complete sister MOO's around the

I would very much like to view any code that others have written to give me
some ideas and, more importantly, some examples to learn from. Perhaps I
could receive data bundled through email?

I hope that this conference can help, or failing that, direct me to another
which may. I understand this is probably a popular request and a little
out of place in the midst of octal/hex/decimal arguments but you were all
learners once! :)

Yours hopefully,

Dept. Of I.T.
Bridgend College

P.S. I got a message about BinHex encodings last time I sent this.
I hope I have resolved whatever problem there was.

All the best.


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