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Re: limiting outbound packet size

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, David Morris wrote:

> Simply stated (and I don't have all the tech details) it seems that outbound 
> packets larger than a certain size (1500 bytes is what I have heard) block up 
> the outbound connection. People who connect can still send commands to the moo 
> but are unable to see any kind of feedback. (some have been able to page or 
> send moomail blind, etc)

Well if you're on an ethernet network, the mtu (max transmission unit i
believe) can be at most 1500, so you shouldn't be able to send packets
larger then that anyway.

> I was wondering if there was some way to temporarily hack the server to limit 
> the size of outbound packets to fit within the limit? SOme of us are thinking 
> that maybe the internet software will bundle outgoing packtets anyway it 
> pleases and it doesn't matter what we do.

I have a very similar system as yours (my uname -a lists the following)
SunOS scooby 5.4 generic sun4c sparc
(the only difference being the name and 4m/4c)
And the only way I know of to set the packet size is the following:
ifconfig le0 (or whatever your enet interface is..) mtu 1500 (or whatever
you want the ethernet mtu to be, max is 1500).

Hope this helps.
Belgarath, archwizard MVMoo


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