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Re: call_function()

Don Schwarz wrote:
> I know that when a database is loaded into a server that doesn't have some
> of the built-ins it replaces them with call_function() calls, but how
> difficult would it be to have the server change the call_function calls
> back to standard built-in calls when the DB is loaded back into it's normal
> server?  I don't see how this would really be much of a problem and it seems
> to make a lot of sense.
> The easiest way to do this that I can think of is replacing all instances of:
>   call_function( "some literal string", ...)
> with:
>   the same string(...)
> whenever a verb is loaded or compiled.  Anyone see any reason not to do this?

Yes.  I'm coding a web server on PhantomMOO that will eventually be up for 
anonymous FTP.  It uses a uudecode() builtin function for authentication 
purposes.  Not everyone who will be using this will have that function, so if the 
verb called it directly, it wouldn't compile on many MOOs.  But, if it were 
replaced with call_function("uudecode",...), then it could compile, and the user 
can go from there to configure it.

Any modification of verb code by the server, unless neccessary to boot the 
database, IMHO, is a Bad Thing.



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