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re: MOO and VRML

Actually, I don't know much about this, but a company in Germany,
Europe.. has made a VRML system that operates, according to them, like a
world. Each user has an identity. They can chat. They can read pages left
by other users.

The name of the site is DARKSUN. It might be at, but I would
suggest an Altavista search ( if you want
to find more information. I would do this for you, except that right now
I am in a big rush. 

Several other companies have also tried VRML environments, but this is the
only commercial, well-publicized one I know of. It has received attention

If anyone might be interested in collaborating with me to write a MOO/VRML
environment from scratch, please e-mail
It would of course be freeware, so you would get no profit.. just the 
experience :)

/Nick, ArchWiz STAR WARS MOO (opening August 1996! )

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