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RE: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

WorldsChat is  the wrong thing to be looking at on  AlphaWorld is what you need to be looking at.  To enter AlphaWorld you need to down load the (4+ meg) VRML interface they make available there for downloading, (windows/windows-95 only I believe).  If you've been looking at WorldsChat you've been looking at the wrong product.

From:  Kipp the Kidd[]
Sent:  Sunday, February 18, 1996 3:08 PM
Subject:  Re: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

>Unfortunately, it doesn't have any MOO functionality underneath, and IMO,
>it, WorldsChat, etc, are essentially pretty IRCs until they do.

WorldsChat is not at all VRML...  there is a circle of staircases (all going
UP) ... when you go around them, you end up in the same place... I thought
VRML was a little more realistic...  It also seems that the 3d info is
stored on the local machine... meaning it cannot be flexible...  You can't
add new rooms unless all the users re-download the 4-meg install programs.

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