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Re: MOO and VRML 2.0 ?

On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Kipp the Kidd wrote:
> I found that moo works fine with small text codes, such as RIPterm.  a
> RIPterm picture takes about the same space as an object's description, so
> simply sending a picture instead of a descripton takes no more work for the
> MOO.  The 3d net client I hope to have finished soon will use quick codes
> like RIP, and will download bitmap images from servers more capable of
> handling big things like that...  a web server.

Actually, as much as I hate RIP in a BBSing/ Telecommunications 
standpoint (preferring Galacticomm's Worldgroup C/S based architecture) I 
definately can see where RIP could be useful for MOOing!  Have you 
considered talking to Telegrafix or Durand Communication on possibly 
receiving the source?


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