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Re: Prompts

At 2:19 PM 2/22/96, John Moser wrote:
>Hey, was talking to a few people (Kipp, and a few others) about setting
>up a prompt similar to those on MUDs.  Kipp tells me that a while back
>Pavel wrote about how to set this up, and I'm wondering if anyone could
>either a) point me to a FAQ file with this in it, or b) tell me how to do
>it.  Kipp gave me the verb code for a verb named Prompt, but I'm not sure
>how it functions and where it goes.

Basically, what you want to do is send a line of text without a LF at the
end.  Just set_connection_option(player, "binary", 1); to make the
connection NOT append LFs to output text, and notify(player, "prompt> ").
Then set_connection_option(player, "binary", 0) to get it back to the
regular mode.



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