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Re: The concept of "wizardly ethics"

>   9. Workplace Quality
>      I will strive to achieve and maintain a safe, healthy, productive
>      workplace for all users.
> [This is forbidden to me as a LambdaMOO wizard---I would have to
>  violate LTAND (lambdamoo takes a new direction) and toad some people
>  in order to assure such a situation.  Even then it would be
>  hard---since a lot of people MOO for recreation, and many of those
>  MOO when they ought to be studying/working, it can be considered
>  unhealthful for them to even *be* on the MOO---but I'm not going to
>  shut it down just because someone is addicted.  Basically this point
>  is just inappropriate for MOOs.]
                      some recreational

I think this point is perfectly appropriate for educational or professional
MOO's, and could even be considered appropriate for certain gaming MOO's.
No one particularly wants a bunch of bozos spamming them with text when
they're trying to get work done, or trying to relax, and I question whether
they have the "right" to bug people on a MOO.  It would depend on how
public or private the MOO considers itself, and in any case there would need
to be a policy announcement in a prominent location on the MOO, so that users
could know what to expect.  Once the expectations are made clear from the
beginning (either that the "workplace" will be kept free from bozos, or else
that bozos are people too), then I think one should work to protect that


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