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Re: The concept of "wizardly ethics"

I am in the process of setting up a MOO as a recreational/conferencing
facility associated with a church related interest group of people.
Membership is private: you must request a character to even get on.
We will permit a wide range of people to join, but reserve the right
to @toad anyone who violates basic Christian ethical principles
repeatedly and deliberately.  Other objectionable forms of behaviour
will only be tolerated if it appears that there is a desire to
conform, but a lack of understanding.  

How this is to be judged is quite arbitrary: it is my hardware, my
internet connection, and I will be the ultimate authority by right of
possession, and hence implied responsibility for what I permit to go
on in my own "house".  I will try to be fair, but if it comes down
tobeing fair to an individual vs fair to the group at large, the group
will win.  If it comes down to being fair tome or fair to the group, I
will likely win.  

If a Biblical principal is involved, the scripture will always be the
ultimate authority.  If interpretation is in dispute, then we have
enough people who know the word well enough that they will operate as
a "board of elders" to try to help resolve the matter.  

I hope I never have to @toad anyone.  I am interested in learning of
the experiences of others in administering a MOO, as I know it will be
much eassier technically than in relation to "people skills".

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