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Re: ethics discussion

I realize I'm leaping into this discussion against my better judgment,
but I'm perhaps not known for having better judgment in the first place.

There are several aspects about MOOs which make them administering them
different from administering regular systems.  MOOs are spaces, places
in which users live, not merely systems on which people work.  There's a
life to it which isn't there in plain-jane UNIX systems, for example.
This virtual life carries along with it all the baggage of real life;
emotional hassles on the MOO can be an -awful- bear when you're dragging
around a wizbit as well.

For many MOO admins, wizzing is the first administrative role they've
ever had.  (Others, like me, have no such excuse.)  It's a difficult
thing to have, for example, a RL mess which takes place in part on the
MOO.  It takes an amazingly responsible person (IMO) to resist the
temptation that exists when in such a situation.

Someone else said something which is relevant: If the admins of a system
are not trusted by the system's users, those users will leave.  They
have, in essence, the policing power which was proposed in the initial
message.  I don't go to systems where I don't trust the admins.  Period.
People who know me know that in past I was very flaky, and I did some
things which I wouldn't, now.  In the time since, I've watched other
people make the same mistakes I did.  Their users reacted.

I don't think it would be useful to attempt to shackle a code of ethics
onto people who have nothing in common.  (I've just started a MOO
project which has no interactive sessions or user data; such a code
would be entirely useless to me in that application.)  Users do a more
than adequate job of warning their friends when something slimy's

(I also don't think some of the 'ethics' included in the original post
are ethical at all.  Whether I choose to try to expand my MOO hacking
ability is irrelevant -- I think my time is better spent documenting
things and teaching users.  This was not an ethical decision.)

Seth / Blackbriar

Seth I. Rich - -
                                 There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.


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