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Re: ethics discussion

In message <199602261617.LAA18720@kanga.INS.CWRU.Edu> , Seth I. Rich wrote:
> It's a difficult
> thing to have, for example, a RL mess which takes place in part on the
> MOO.  It takes an amazingly responsible person (IMO) to resist the
> temptation that exists when in such a situation.

As someone who was a victim of a less than amazingly responsible person
when such a situation arose, I must say that I don't think a code of
ethics would have made a bit of difference.  She was out for revenge
and felt that destroying hundreds (thousands?) of hours of my work was
a reasonable "punishment."  I think she did it because she could get
away with it.  I'm sure if murder were restricted only by a "code of
ethics", she would have considered killing me.

So I think she and most M* administrators have only reached the "fear
of punishment" stage of ethical development (quick, consult your intro
to ethics textbook).  If no one is enforcing this code (a guild,
organization or company that can kick you out), I doubt it will do any
good -- we still need Seth's so-called "amazingly responsible" wizards.

--Ben, still bitter!

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