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Re: more questions

> You're missing a loophole here.  Someone could come to your house or
> wherever the server is, use plastic explosives, blow the closest door/safe
> door off, start up the puter, open up the db in pico, edit the obj's
> location, save & shutdown, buy a new closet door/safe, replace it, and
> leave after cleaning.  you'd never know till you surveyed the surroundings,
> hired 25 guards to watch over the physical area of the server, started the
> db and checked the location of the object.
AH, but you see, I neglected to mention (for security reasons :P), that before 
locking the closet, I removed the hard drive with the DB in question, and hid 
it in a safe buried under 100m of solid ice, somewhere in Alaska. You are also 
overlooking the recently installed Java-enhanced security cameras, which will 
send me E-mail on 13 accounts, page my uncle, alert the Alaskian police, and 
leave voice-mail with your home address for my girlfriend's second cousin, 
who's husband owns three shotguns and a red pickup.

> Come on.  I can't believe you missed something so obvious.  Next time, keep
> the stupid comments to yourself, and I will too :P
Did you REALLY think it would be that easy? <G>.
And I'm enjoying these stupid comments, damnit. :>

Oh, while I'm in here -- four other ppl requested a copy of Big List of Verbs & 
Props, so I'll give it a whirl t'morrow. Do you think it makes more sense to 
have all the verbs by object and then all the props by object, or everything 
grouped by object (ie #1's verbs, then #1's props, then #2's verbs, etc..)?
Or some other way of organizing it? Hmmm..Verbs could be sorted by how many 
lines difference in length, if any..
(this question open to anybody..)

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