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Re: more questions

>> You're missing a loophole here.  Someone could come to your house or
>> wherever the server is, use plastic explosives, blow the closest door/safe
>> door off, start up the puter, open up the db in pico, edit the obj's
>> location, save & shutdown, buy a new closet door/safe, replace it, and
>> leave after cleaning.  you'd never know till you surveyed the surroundings,
>> hired 25 guards to watch over the physical area of the server, started the
>> db and checked the location of the object.
>AH, but you see, I neglected to mention (for security reasons :P), that before
>locking the closet, I removed the hard drive with the DB in question, and hid
>it in a safe buried under 100m of solid ice, somewhere in Alaska. You are also
>overlooking the recently installed Java-enhanced security cameras, which will
>send me E-mail on 13 accounts, page my uncle, alert the Alaskian police, and
>leave voice-mail with your home address for my girlfriend's second cousin,
>who's husband owns three shotguns and a red pickup.

But, you're forgetting that with Patrick's time travellers, I can go back
in time to when the hard disk was in the machine and you were absent.
Using some devices developed at Espionage Enterprises, I can take over your
video cameras, causing them to transmit what they saw in the 15 seconds
before I came into the picture.  Should you appear, or anyone, my Uzi
submachine guns, which hold 50 rounds/clip and empty in 3-5 seconds,
depending on conditions, will protect me quite fine while I blow up your
safe and edit my favorite object's location, which happens to be the object
in question.

Plus, my IR satellites indicate where your hard drive is, and your gf's 2nd
cousin's hubby is actually my brother and is on my side of the
`<obj>.location's have rights too disagreement' (!)

>> Come on.  I can't believe you missed something so obvious.  Next time, keep
>> the stupid comments to yourself, and I will too :P
>Did you REALLY think it would be that easy? <G>.
>And I'm enjoying these stupid comments, damnit. :>

Hey, for security reasons (:P) I didn't tell you everything.

Cheers in the over-hyped space of cyber,
-wc/Mitch, possesion of Jill Jeanblanc.



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