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Re: more questions

> >AH, but you see, I neglected to mention (for security reasons :P), that before
> >locking the closet, I removed the hard drive with the DB in question, and hid
> >it in a safe buried under 100m of solid ice, somewhere in Alaska. You are also
> >overlooking the recently installed Java-enhanced security cameras, which will
> >send me E-mail on 13 accounts, page my uncle, alert the Alaskian police, and
> >leave voice-mail with your home address for my girlfriend's second cousin,
> >who's husband owns three shotguns and a red pickup.
> But, you're forgetting that with Patrick's time travellers, I can go back
> in time to when the hard disk was in the machine and you were absent.
Too bad the time travellers are from my home planet, not yours.

> Using some devices developed at Espionage Enterprises, I can take over your
> video cameras, causing them to transmit what they saw in the 15 seconds
> before I came into the picture.  Should you appear, or anyone, my Uzi
> submachine guns, which hold 50 rounds/clip and empty in 3-5 seconds,
> depending on conditions, will protect me quite fine while I blow up your
> safe and edit my favorite object's location, which happens to be the object
> in question.
> Plus, my IR satellites indicate where your hard drive is, and your gf's 2nd
> cousin's hubby is actually my brother and is on my side of the
> `<obj>.location's have rights too disagreement' (!)
Not only have you overdrawn your expense account for this mission, but you're also 
forgetting one very important thing. My girlfriend is the AOL user who invented 
the 'Good Times' virus, and before I locked up the machine with the Object, she 
gave me the source code, which I modified to infect MOO databases, and move the 
Object back to its rightful location. My last 5 postings have all carried this 
'more questions' virus, and everyone who reads this mailing list, especailly you, 
is hopelessly infected.

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