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Re: your mail

Ok, this was funny up to a point.  Let's stop now.

On 22-Feb-97 Patrick Alvin Somers wrote:
>> >Maybe if you're really that paranoid, you should lock your computer in the
>> >closet and never turn it on (let alone put it on a <gasp> network).
>> You're missing a loophole here.  Someone could come to your house or
>> wherever the server is, use plastic explosives, blow the closest door/safe
>       Sheesh, you people just can't find all the loopholes. You 
>completely forgot about the alians with thier nanoelectric robots. They 
>will just infiltrate directly onto your hard drive, and from there they 
>can magnetically alter the data written into the platter. 
>       Your best bet is to totally destroy the computer after you make 
>the object.But still it isn't completely safe. I mean really, with the 
>time travelers, what is?
>               Patrick

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