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Re: Future of MOO?

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Jackie Hamilton wrote:
> So, I have a few MOOs I run, or would like to run again, etc., and am 
> wondering if there's any future in MOO - i.e., will there ever be a 
> diskbased version (and I don't mean FUP either), and will it ever offer 
> multiple inheritance?
> Or is MOO dead now and I oughta look at something else?
> I've been considering Cold, but the lack of docu and the apparent 
> instability are troubling.

What causes you to say 'apparent instability'?  I agree that no system
will ever be flawless, but I have run busy cold servers continuously for
over a month without problem--only shutting them down to reboot the system
it was on or upgrade the db.  Commercial entities are using cold for
online systems that CANNOT be 'crashing' and halting all of the time, and
they are not having problems.  The largest cold db I know if is best
explained in this conversation with one of the admins:

    Scott says, "It's about 190MB w/indices"
    Scott says, "And very stable."

As far as documentation--everything takes time and this is a non-profit
project.  You can see the most current version of everything as I work on
it at:

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