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At 11:22 AM 3/9/96 PST, Maddog's Studio wrote:
>Hans Friedrich wrote:
>> Are there any good FTP sites dealing with Moo Themes or Moo RPG systems?
>I wouldn't look at MOOs as a good source of RPG material; look
>at MUSH/MUSE instead.  They have developed several major themes
>and some of those muds have been around for a few years.
>Except for GodNet, I haven't seen any MOO lead in a RPG theme.

I've been working on Ghostwheel (telnet:// for nearly
three years now.  It's got a heavy RP theme, without skimping on the
violence.  Random psychotic acts are dealt with in an IC (in-Character)
manner.  I've made one @toading through our history.  We're a community--a

Ghostwheel is a balanced mesh of social and RPG worlds.  It's tough
balancing both and we've had our share of in-fighting between the two camps,
but I think we've done pretty damn well.  A homepage is in the
works--stalled due to RL business.

I'm also a founding god of CyberSphere (now semi-retired).  Its denizens
tend to lean more towards the Diku end of things.  In spite of that violent
bent, it has developed a rich theme the all bloodthirsty role-players should
get a taste of.  Our homepage can be found at

Because it's one of the best-suited servers for text-based reality modeling,
MOO lends itself perfectly to an RPG theme.  That's all an RPG is: a model
of reality.  A dreamscape playground.

-  (SELF)
-   (CORP)

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