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No Subject writes:
> Second, #1234:(2)(); still doesn't work.  Since the use of the new
> 1-based integer indexing is being encouraged, this should really be in
> there for consistency and completeness.

I won't be putting this in.  The correct specification of the behavior is far
from clear, especially as regards the semantics of `pass()'.  Maybe the next
maintainer will have a good answer.

> And finally, for completeness sake I suggest a tovalue() or fromliteral()
> builtin.

Use eval(), as Andy pointed out.

> Anyone know why the server completely freezes when it attempts to open
> a network connection but the remote system is lagged or not responding?
> Is it just my setup that's doing this, or is this normal?  Any way
> around it?

This is because the server is using the normal, blocking version of the UNIX
connect() function, which hangs until the connection goes through.  I looked
into switching over to a non-blocking version of this for one of the 1.8.0 test
releases, but it's much more difficult to do portably (and for both TCP
configurations) than I'd hoped, so I gave up.  Again, maybe the next guy...

Until then, you can always reduce the length of the timeout; see the
ChangeLog.txt file for details.


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