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Re: 0-based indices for verbs in old code...

>Will there be a clean version of LambdaCore soon that eliminates using 
>the zero base for accessing verbs?  I enabled the old behavior by 
>defining $server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings and setting it 
>equal to one.  Or has someone compiled a list of verbs and fixes that 
>addresses this problem?

I created a toggle ($grep_with_match) which would allow someone to use
$string_utils:match instead of just index().  This allowed me to use

@grep *0..length(verbs(*)) - 1*

or something like that and, although it took longer, I was able to edit
every verb like that *while* it was @grepping :)

>Imagine my surprise when I went to '@examine' something and it crashed in 
>looking for verb_info on the zeroth verb.

There are a lot of #1 verbs that do that - including the examine verbs. 
So there you go.

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