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Re: Enterfunc

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, SQueeeze wrote:

> When I try to use a tutorial room's enterfunc to guide newbies, I created 
> the :enterfunc verb.  It did not work at first because I didn't @chmod it 
> to rxd, but after I @chmod'ed it, it doesn't show its description at all 
> when somebody enters it, though the command is executed.  I wonder what's 
> wrong with my code or did I override any default.  This is the code:


> 	Please give me any comments.  Thanx in advance.

Well, the reason it doesn't show the description is because you indeed 
overrode a default -- the verb on the parent. The way to solve this is to 
put a pass(@args) on the top of the verb (on the top so it gets executed 
_before_ all the supspends. if you want the description +after+ 
everything, the pass should be after it)

This is, however, a horribly verb, even with the pass at the proper 
place... It only works at all if there is one _object_ in the room (be it 
player or thing) and it spams the hell out of anyone coming after the 
first person... 

Imho, the best thing you can do is also the simplest... Make a room, with 
a say verb that does nothing (so people can't spam newbies) and put the 
first help-page in the description. Add something like 'type 'help page2' 
for more' to the end. Make a helppage 'page2', put 'type 'help page3' for 
more' in the end of that, etc etc.

Or, you could make a chain of rooms, put the help pages in the 
description, and make an exit 'continue' or 'more', and 'again' (or 
rather, 'again' would be an alias for the look command...)

This allows people to advance on their own time...

Oh, if you want to make fancy stuff, and help out users that are stuck, 
you could make a puppet in the room, sprouting helpfull tips every once 
in a while. I seem to recall a MOO or MUSH where there was a droid that 
talked to you, and suggested itself for testing the newly learned 
commands... It reacted to say, in the room where you learned 'say', it 
would shout when you would try to pick it up, etc. (I think it was TinyTim 
where i saw it...)

"The possibilies are enormous."


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