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	I have this problem:

When I try to use a tutorial room's enterfunc to guide newbies, I created 
the :enterfunc verb.  It did not work at first because I didn't @chmod it 
to rxd, but after I @chmod'ed it, it doesn't show its description at all 
when somebody enters it, though the command is executed.  I wonder what's 
wrong with my code or did I override any default.  This is the code:

#104:enterfunc   this none this
 1:  if (length(this.contents) == 1)
 2:    suspend(60);
 3:    this:announce_all(this.message1);
 4:    suspend(180);
 5:    this:announce_all(this.message2);
 6:    suspend(25);
 7:    this:announce_all(this.message3);
 8:    suspend(60);
 9:    this:announce_all(this.message4);
10:    while (this.contents)
11:      this:announce_all(this.next_msg);
12:      suspend(100);
13:    endwhile
14:  endif

	Please give me any comments.  Thanx in advance.



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