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Re: [SERVER] NIS password checking.

> 	Unfortnately, in the current implementation, the NIS check is 
> done in a single builtin, so if the NIS server is a tad slow (or worse, 
> the server went down) the entire MOO hangs. So I want to use a 
> master/slave setup like the Name-lookup mechanism, both to keep the MOO 
> from lagging and to keep the MOO from crashing :-)

I would do this by adding your new kind of query right into the name_lookup.c
module itself.  That module is already doing all the right master/slave stuff
and handling timeouts, so with a little code-reading you should be able to fold
in this new thing as just one more option.  I'm not, of course, willing to put
effort into helping you do this, but it should be reasonably straightforward
for any qualified C hacker.



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