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Re: MOO binaries

 My database is about 1.5 megs.../very/ new. (that's without $spell) I ftped
the moo binary and the db, that's two files. I made a seperate directory
from my home dir for the moo stuff, in it was the binary and db. now
I have a db (1.5 megs) a core file (13 megs) and the moo executable 
(about 1 meg) I did 'tail core' and got a bunch of garbage but I could
read one line..something about a server panic. If it's dumped the db
into that file, how do I flush it out? The MOO hasn't crashed once nor have
I had to restart it. Also there is no * file. there is just one db
file, the one it's checkpointing to (*.db). 


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