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$player & $mail_recipient_class (again)

Hi all,

Yes, the same :confunc stuff again...
I applied dave's and yduJ's solutions but for some reason that didn't solve the problem...

Here's what happens.

Once a non-wiz char connects this is what s/he gets (1.8.0p2 & p3):


#60:check, line 2:  Verb not found
... called from #6:confunc (this == #94), line 5
... called from #0:user_created user_connected, line 8
(End of traceback)


Here's the @list #60:check stuff:


#60:check   this none this
 1:  set_task_perms(caller_perms());
 2:  if ((player:get_current_message(this) || {0, 0})[2] < this.last_news_time)
 3:    if ((n = player:mail_option("news")) in {0, "all"})
 4:      player:tell("There is new news.  Type `news' to read all news or 
`news new' to read just new news.");
 5:    elseif (n == "contents")
 6:      player:tell("There is new news.  Type `news all' to read all news or 
`news new' to read just new news.");
 7:    elseif (n == "new")
 8:      player:tell("There is new news.  Type `news' to read new news, or 
`news all' to read all news.");
 9:    endif
10:  endif


I applied the dave@caltech patch and yduJ's (concerning confunc stuff and news:check) but still doesn't work..

Supposably player:get_current_message is the verb not found so I checked the generic $player and turns out the verb is not defined on it. 
After looking up Dave@caltech script I checked the $mail_recipient_class and that's where it I suppose this has to do with that $player/$mail_recipient discussion but since I'm a newbie wiz I can't figure out much out of it.
(N.B.: Further down in the code there's also mail_option stuff which is not defined on $player)

What do I do ? Modifying player:get_curr to $mail_recipient_class:get_curr... is a workaround but hey, turns out the "news" command ain't working either.
Same thing only this time $player:news has a thing:get_current_message do I need to track down all instances where $mail_recipient should be used instead of "player" or "this" ?

I also tried @chparenting to Frand's Player class. That makes "news" work but other $news:check problems turn up...

Basically, I'm clueless from here on...any help would be appreciated.




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