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Re: $player & $mail_recipient_class (again)

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Jasminko Novak-progetto CULTURLINK UNESCO wrote:

> ===========
> #60:check, line 2:  Verb not found
> ... called from #6:confunc (this == #94), line 5
> ... called from #0:user_created user_connected, line 8
> (End of traceback)
> ===========

	This problem is due to the fact that the latest core release has 
$player_class as $player instead of $mail_recipient_class.  First fix 

	;$player_class = $mail_recipient_class
	=> #91  (Generic Mail Receiving Class)

	Then, if you have already created a bunch of characters, you're 
gonna have to go through all of then and change their parent to #91, 
unless you've @programmered them (in which case you don't have to).

	Interesting how many people come up with so many solutions to a very 
simple problem and fix.

	Junkie's R Us


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