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MOO Web Core


	We have developed the "MOO Web Core" to serve as a simple httpd inside
a running MOO database.  Please see the URL

There is also a 1.8.0+ version, which uses the new inserver mpl stuff.  You 
can poke at its documentation at the URL

If you would like this code, upload the license agreement, fill it out and
fax a copy to me and Jennifer Schlickbernd and I'll get it to you as soon as
she gives me the OK (phone #'s are in the license).  There is an install 
script that takes between 15 minutes and an hour to work through to plug it
in.  Included is a generic $port that takes advantage of the new mpl facility.

One nice feature of the MOO Web Core is that it allows in-line MOO code in
your HTML, greatly simplifying content generation.

		Dave Van Buren
		Staff Scientist


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