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Re: Does the new LambdaMOO core support Web?

Gustavo Glusman drew these hieroglyphs:
> Rog wrote:
> >Hacking the server or doing anything that depends on DB file format
> >(which is only sparsely documented and likely to change) is a less good
> >idea.
> Allow me to disagree. From our experience, the simplest method for logging
> is to fileappend() using FUP. Simple, quick, no scale-up problems, doesn't
> change the size of the database, has many other advantages.

I have one reservation there: don't all FUP operations open the file,
write it, then close it again?  It's a lot like leaving someone voice
mail by making one phone call per sentence.

I wouldn't mind having some FUP operations that treat files like MOO
connections.  Sorta like the familiar socket model.


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