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New Server

I've been thinking that while the LambdaMOO server is
incredibly cool, it may be showing its age a bit. I've been
toying around with creating a server, based very heavily on
the parser.y file from LambdaMOO distribution.

One of the features I thought might be nice is preemptive
multi-tasking. I figure if I'm rewriting the server from
the ground up there was a fantastic opportunity to modular-
ise it and add significant features.

Another feature built into the object classes and the
object index is the idea that objects can be "Out of
memory". I've already worked out a server level scheme for
denoting an object lives on a different server.

What I'd like is input from the MOO community. Is any one
other than myself interested in something like this? What
features would a new server HAVE to have before it would be
worth using instead of LambdaMOO?

One issue to note, I'm implementing this server in C++.
Oddly enough, it's made life quite a bit simpler. Even
other people have been able to understand how the system is


Jeff Watkins (home) (work)


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