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Re: New Server

Jeff Watkins drew these hieroglyphs:
> One of the features I thought might be nice is preemptive
> multi-tasking. I figure if I'm rewriting the server from
> the ground up there was a fantastic opportunity to modular-
> ise it and add significant features.

So therefore my tasks suspend whenever the hell the server feels like
it, not only leaving objects in an inconsistent state but also
allowing other tasks to smash any changes in state it makes before it
can use them.  I might consider programming in a language where you
had to explicitly lock resources, but I doubt many others will.

> What I'd like is input from the MOO community. Is any one
> other than myself interested in something like this? What
> features would a new server HAVE to have before it would be
> worth using instead of LambdaMOO?

It has to be reliable, and so does the developer.  I won't adopt
any orphan servers.  ColdMUD almost died that way, and it's still on
life support.

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