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Re: New Server

>I've been thinking that while the LambdaMOO server is
>incredibly cool, it may be showing its age a bit. I've been
>toying around with creating a server, based very heavily on
>the parser.y file from LambdaMOO distribution.

Before jumping in, and getting a feature list, you might want to do a
quick survey of server alternatives that already exist or are being
developed.  In my opinion, creating a server/language is a community
thing.  One person can create a server, language, and core, but it
will continue to grow only after others can be convinced that their
time is best spent with a new system.

For example, if I decide to use another server, I'll be looking mostly
at the vision of the developers, and how open they are to external
involvement in "their" project.  This moo-cows mailing list is one
example of the kind of involvement that I'll be looking for.

Here's a small survey of server alternatives that I know about.
Perhaps you could merge your vision with one of these existing groups?

	[I have a co-worker who got this running.  It really is 100%
	Lambda Core compatible.]

	LPMOO is a DGD-based simulation of LambdaMOO. It emulates
	version 1.7.8 of the MOO server, with only a few differences
	and a several enhancements.

	At the heart of LPMOO is DGD, a relatively new flavor of
	interactive network server heavily influenced by LPmud. The
	LambdaMOO simulation is achieved through the use of DGD
	objects written in LPC, the internal language of DGD.

	[You've seen this tread already.  It looks promising.]

	The ColdX Project is a conglomeration of programmers involved
	with ColdC, the ColdC driver Genesis, and any other "cold"
	related items. Genesis/ColdC is an object oriented database
	language with a stack-based byte-code interpreter, intended
	for network server applications such as Virtual Environment
	Systems. The ColdX Project Charter is available.

	[It doesn't look like this has been publically announced, so I
	won't post their features here.  But their web files are
	publicly available!  From the surface it looks very interesting.]

Best regards,

Bruce Rafnel
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until we have finished building it.


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