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Trackback at character creation


Apologies if this has been hashed over (and over); I have looked
through a few months of moo-cows archives and didn't see this one

I just started up a new 1.8.0p4 server with the 25DEC95 Core database
(i.e. the "Latest...db").

When I create a new character I get the following:

	Type 'connect wizard' to log in.

	You will probably want to change this text and the output of
	the `help' command, which are stored in $login.welcome_message and
	$login.help_message, respectively.

	create dhms mypasswd
	*** Created ***
	The First Room
	This is all there is right now.
	Wizard is here.
	#6:confunc (this == #103), line 4:  Verb not found
	... called from #0:user_created user_connected, line 8
	(End of traceback)

Just for fun, I made a second MOO, and then applied the array
indexing/string patches provided by and got the same
results... this a conversion quirk from the old server?  Is
there an obvious fix that I am missing.

Any tips would be appreciated...

David HM Spector				Software/Network Designer				voice: +1 212.721.6974
"We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get
 run over."
        --Aneurin Bevan


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