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Re: Trackback at character creation

The problem is that the confunc in #6 requires verbs from #91 (think
thats right for the latest DB.. $player, and the player mail recipient
class). Either edit the verbs to call ones that exist or parent #6 from
#91 (I personally prefer to hack the confunc but hey).


ps. incase I am mistaken (different core versions and problems), just type
@list #6:confunc, read line 4 and make a note of the verbs used on that line.
@then for each one, type @show #103:....  where the dots are the verb, 
for one you will get 'verb not found', inwhich case you need to either 
remove that line from the confunc, or rewrite the confunc.  (the verb 
could be on a different player class by mistake).

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, David HM Spector wrote:

> Hi,
> Apologies if this has been hashed over (and over); I have looked
> through a few months of moo-cows archives and didn't see this one
> before.
> I just started up a new 1.8.0p4 server with the 25DEC95 Core database
> (i.e. the "Latest...db").
>       #6:confunc (this == #103), line 4:  Verb not found
>       ... called from #0:user_created user_connected, line 8
>       (End of traceback)

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