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Re: Trackback at character creation

Hi David,

> I just started up a new 1.8.0p4 server with the 25DEC95 Core database
> (i.e. the "Latest...db").

... which has numerous problems, I've helped to set up three of these in the
past three weeks. :)

> When I create a new character I get the following:

Actually, that will be at all connections unless you are (like someone pointed
out) a child of the mail receiving player.

> 	#6:confunc (this == #103), line 4:  Verb not found
> 	... called from #0:user_created user_connected, line 8
> 	(End of traceback)
> Just for fun, I made a second MOO, and then applied the array
> indexing/string patches provided by and got the same
> results... this a conversion quirk from the old server?  Is
> there an obvious fix that I am missing.

Those tips indeed do not cover this (and I have at least two other problems
not covered, which I still need to report to him).

> Any tips would be appreciated...

The simple solution: `;$player_class = #90' (from memory though) making all
new players by default a child of Frand's player class, which is a child of
the mail receiving player.

The nicest solution would be to move the mail checking out of #6:confunc and
move it onto :confunc on the mail receiving player. (You'll need to do that
if you want to have players who are not a child of the mail receiving player).

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