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RE: new quota system

> This is just absolutely not how to implement a money system. 
> Quota is a resource limit for programmers, not a VR commodity. 
> They are simply not interchangable concepts, period.

actually, I would disagree.  In order to be meaningful, a monetary
system has to have some commodity basis, whether we're talking about
silver from the Federal Reserve, other RL goods & services, etc... 
allotments of scarce DB resources are just as good a basis as anything
else.  My only problem is that I'd really like to see task queues and
ticks/seconds, another scarce resource, should be included in this as
well; ideally, you'd want to be able to charge people for calling your
verbs so that you can pay for the ticks you use --- MOO unfortunately
isn't set up for this.

You may, of course, dislike the idea of programmers being able to
accumulate DB "capital" and letting the invisible hand of the
marketplace decide what gets built rather than having everything be
centrally planned, or you may not want the question of what gets built
being decided entirely by those who are most adept at hacking&slashing
at VR monsters (the LP model), but these are different matters.


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