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Re: new quota system

Roger Crew drew these hieroglyphs:
> actually, I would disagree.  In order to be meaningful, a monetary
> system has to have some commodity basis, whether we're talking about
> silver from the Federal Reserve, other RL goods & services, etc... 
> allotments of scarce DB resources are just as good a basis as anything
> else.  My only problem is that I'd really like to see task queues and
> ticks/seconds, another scarce resource, should be included in this as
> well; ideally, you'd want to be able to charge people for calling your
> verbs so that you can pay for the ticks you use --- MOO unfortunately
> isn't set up for this.

Actually, you could wrap #0:bf_suspend and charge for tick/second
usage by checking ticks/seconds_left().  And if you run out of
ticks/seconds, hoo boy, you get fined in #0:handle_task_timeout.

If you never suspend and you don't timeout, then you squeak by.

Of course, this would charge the owner of the verb, but the verb could
always insert code that charged a nominal flat fee on each
invocation.  Do this from a front-end, or just tell suspend() and
#0:handle_task_timeout to charge to a different party.

It's still a dumb way to do RPG money, IMO, but it'd make an
interesting experiment in a socialMOO that was playinmg with monetary

This sort of system would make you, interestingly enough, literally
worth your weight in gold.  :)


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