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Re: new quota system

Excerpts from mail.moo: 29-Apr-96 Re: new quota system by Chuck
> This is just absolutely not how to implement a money system.  Quota is
> a resource limit for programmers, not a VR commodity.  They are simply
> not interchangable concepts, period.

 I guess i could rephrase what i want to do...i want to remove the quota
system. has anyone ever done that before? and second i intend to replace
it with my own system that won't be as strict, interms of who gets
charged for owning an object. I see the quota system only as a means to
control the size of the db and to give everyone a fair share of it. i
want to remove the fair-share part of it but still keep control of the
size in some way. i can do this by basing it around my money system
where i can remove some of the extra money if things start getting too
big..or levy a tax or something.

Excerpts from mail.moo: 29-Apr-96 RE: new quota system by Roger 
>You may, of course, dislike the idea of programmers being able to
>accumulate DB "capital" and letting the invisible hand of the
>marketplace decide what gets built rather than having everything be
>centrally planned, or you may not want the question of what gets built
>being decided entirely by those who are most adept at hacking&slashing
>at VR monsters (the LP model), but these are different matters.

this is also a good point but...this won't be a social/technical moo
like lambda it will be more of a game in a sense. useing money as the
basis also works will with some of my other plans such as make @create
$thing called Foo into buy $thing  or something of that nature. but i
think that's getting off the focus of this list and if anyone else likes
i'll discuss my plans in private email. or look at


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