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MacMOOSE 2.0b1

MacMOOSE 2.0b1 is now available from
This version fixes a number of bugs in 2.0a1.  It's likely to be our
final release.

For those of you not familiar with MacMOOSE, it's a client designed to
support MOO programming.  It gives you a Macintosh-style interface, including:

* a verb editor
* a property editor
* an object browser (to see all an object's verbs and properties)
* a help browser
* a mail editor

Many thanks to the MacMOOSE development team: Jon Heiner, Greg Hudson, Drew
Samnick, Adam Skwersky, and Steve Tamm.  Gold star to The Tamster for
dedication above and beyond the call of duty.

-- Amy

[Please cc me directly on any replies. I'm on Jay's clue-cows sublist.]

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