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Re: MOO survey

>I'm doing a quick survey for those of you who run MOOs.  If you have a
>moment and don't mind sharing this info, please let me know:
>The name and telnet address of your MOO,

I'm a wizard on two public moos:

BayMOO:   Telnet: 8888, Web:
BayMOO is the virtual extension of the San Francisco Bay Area, and its
themes are openminded and it's based on one central rule, RESPECT.  A far
larger area is represented there than just San Francisco, as our users are
from all around the world.  The web site is an extension of the moo. 
BayMOO is hosted at the San Francisco State University, College of

The Internet Public Library MOO:  telnet 8888,  (The MOO link is under "reference.")
IPL is a professional-level site where you can do research and consult
reference librarians.  Librarians, volunteer, are on duty daily from 6 to 7
Eastern Time, and we may extend the schedule in the future.  The MOO is an
extension of the web site, though it is by far the most interesting part,
in my personal opinion. :)  IPL is hosted at the University of Michigan,
School of Information and Library Science.

>How many players you have (such as ;length(players()) )

I don't think that's relevant, but BayMOO is large, though not too huge,
and IPL is small by the nature that it's streamlined around a focused theme
and it's not a social MOO.  BayMOO has under 2000, not counting people who
login as guests, and IPL, which is mainly limited to staff and volunteers
and continuous library participants, has several hundred.  There isn't much
that guests can't access, and they are on equal status to perminant
members, so there's no need to make them perminant members.

>How big your MOO's database is  (;db_disk_size())

That's not relevant.

>And whether your MOO is open to the public, or if it's a private MOO.

They're both open to the public.


>  /\  Jackie Hamilton (
> /()\  Webmaster, Steve Jackson Games

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