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Re: MOO survey

>>>>> "Jackie" == Jackie Hamilton <> writes:

    Jackie> I'm doing a quick survey for those of you who run MOOs.
    Jackie> If you have a moment and don't mind sharing this info,
    Jackie> please let me know:

    Jackie> The name and telnet address of your MOO, How many players
    Jackie> you have (such as ;length(players()) ) How big your MOO's
    Jackie> database is (;db_disk_size()) And whether your MOO is open
    Jackie> to the public, or if it's a private MOO.

I have 2 MOOs and a MUSE running on my machine, but I am just the
sysadm, not the wiz of any of them.  They are all intended to become
public, but are currently under development.  The system is a P-200,
128 MB RAM, 5 GB disk, 33.6 KBPS PPP link to the internet.  One of the
MOOs is a virtual church campground, one is a French social/RP world,
and the MUSE is a D&D kind of thing.  I can provide you with the
archwiz email addresses if you need them, but I would rather they
respond for themselves.

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