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Re: MOO survey

>I'm doing a quick survey for those of you who run MOOs.  If you have a
>moment and don't mind sharing this info, please let me know:
>The name and telnet address of your MOO,
>How many players you have (such as ;length(players()) )
>How big your MOO's database is  (;db_disk_size())
>And whether your MOO is open to the public, or if it's a private MOO.
>  /\  Jackie Hamilton (
> /()\  Webmaster, Steve Jackson Games

This is an interesting idea... I'd like to share my moo project(s) with
interested people. But I'm paranoid... Jackie, you don't explain the reason
you're looking for this information. You're coming from a games company,
and I'm slightly suspicious of what this information might be used for.
Could you clarify your motives?

I wiz @ MOOkti, an educational/social MOO for educational researchers,
teachers, and people interested in learning about MOO.  This is a public
moo, but we do not advertise, and most causual players come to see our
Mooca java interface or through an existing course at the Ontario Institute
for Studies in Education/University of Toronto. We have about 200
registered players on a 5meg db. Graduate courses on distance education,
planing for the national Icelandic MOO project, an Environmental Field
Study research simulation and meetings on educational issues are some of
our major projects.

Jason Nolan

(Back from Iceland, with a midnight suntan)

Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U. of Toronto
MOOkti & MoocaJava, Holistic Learning Conference
and Towards an Ecozoic Curriculum site

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