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Re: MOO survey

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Jason Nolan wrote:

> This is an interesting idea... I'd like to share my moo project(s) with
> interested people. But I'm paranoid... Jackie, you don't explain the reason
> you're looking for this information. You're coming from a games company,
> and I'm slightly suspicious of what this information might be used for.
> Could you clarify your motives?

I'm mainly interested in getting a feel for how widespread MOO is now, how
many people participate on MOOs, and what the average MOO is like
size-wise.  I'm interested just because, well, I'm interested :)  I like
MOO, and run a moderately large MOO on my own time, not SJG-related.  And
of course SJG has its Metaverse MOO which we've considered reworking to be
based on our own game systems, but we've had concerns about whether to use
MOO or something else.  I'm encouraged by the fact that so many people are
using MOO, and that MOO appears to still be getting support (both from
players and from the server dev. team).

I'll be happy to post results to the list in a few days, if anyone else is
curious.  So far only 11 people/MOOs have responded;  all of them are open
MOOs (or semi-open with educational or professional), with an average of
1000 players.  Most MOOs are seeming to fall into one of two categories:
small/new MOOs with a 5-6 meg db and about 200-400 players, and the really
BIG MOOs with 20+ meg db's and >2000 players.   (This doesn't count
Lambda, which is bigger than anyone else anyway.)

Thanks for all the info, and I'm still interested in hearing from everyone
who hasn't responded. :)

  /\  Jackie Hamilton (
 /()\  Webmaster, Steve Jackson Games

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