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Re: server messages in the database

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Andreas Dieberger wrote: 

> I'm running 1.8p5 and an the programmers manual it says (Chapter 5.2.2) you
> can set some server messages in the database. What I would be interested
> are $server_options.create_msg, .recycle_msg, .boot_msg and some others.
> But it seems that my system doesn't know these properties. Did I set
> something up the wrong way or is that a mistake in the manual..?

Most likely, your database doesn't have a server options object, or it
doesn't define those properties.  To create a server options object, type
something like this:

@create $root_class named server options

Note the object number given for the new object, then type:

@prop #0.server_options <number>

If you have a $server_options, but the properties don't exist, add them.
The manual is correct about the messages.

> Talking about this: Does anybody know where the message for an unsuccessful
> login is stored? Are there any plans to make this also such an in-database
> message in the future?

The login commands are handled completely by the database.  You might want
to look at $login:connect for the failed-login message(s).

> Thanks a lot.

No problem.

--Matthew Campbell

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