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Re: Proposed change to the MOO-Cows mailing list

> >    The format of the Decstation Managers list is very simple. People
> > post their questions to the list, then other subscribers send email to
> > the poster with any advice they may have. After waiting a suitable
> > amount of time, the orignal poster posts a follow up message to the list
> > in which he/she summarizes the responses he/she received.
> The question is, would the current list membership consider this a positive
> change?  I have given this message a Reply-To: line pointing responses back to
> me, personally.  I will summarize the results in a week or so and, if there's a
> preponderance of positives, implement the suggested changes.

Well, there are several questions here.  First of all, is this list just for
asking questions?  (my suspicion is that there's a distinct split between what
various people here want this list to be used for.  In many cases it's
actually quite useful to have a group discussion about something.  It's only
in recent months, for the most part, that this list has become simply a Q&A
thing for newbie wizzes)

The other thing is, given the type of traffic this is intended to deal with
(the newbie-question type stuff), is it reasonable to believe that the type of
people likely to ask such questions will be responsible or competent enough to
follow the conventions of the system (i.e.  post a followup when they've
gotten their answer, and not respond to the list when they respond to

Actually, Andy and I have sorta been tossing back and forth a refinement to
the proposal made by Puff some time ago which nobody paid much attention to,
which I think would be a much more effective way to deal with the problems on
here..  Give me a little bit to pull things together into a coherent proposal
and I'll put it up as a suggestion too.

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