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Re: Proposed change to the MOO-Cows mailing list

"-" == Pavel Curtis <> writes:

>> ... I would like to
>> propose a possible solution, that the Moo-cow list adopt a format
>> similar to that used by the DecStation Managers list....

I'm all for it!

-> I can easily modify the MOO-Cows mailing-list configuration to add
-> the specified Reply-To: line to every message, and I could even add
-> a little text at the bottom of each message describing in brief the
-> intent (i.e., send your questions to the list, gather the responses
-> and later post a summary), so that members would be reminded of the
-> appropriate use of the list.

yes, please!!

-> The question is, would the current list membership consider this a
-> positive change?

I do.  It reduces the clutter of influx of messages I get every
day.. because I subscribed to this list (by your recommendation), I've
gotten on average 50 messages per day... that's a little too much
especially when I have other projects to tackle and correspondence by

I understand that this decManager list style of maintaining the
moo-cows list will require extra work and typing to the person
posting.. perhaps this should encourage him/her to think about what
they're posting before doing so.

-> Yours in service of the goal of a more useful list for us all,
-> Pavel

A more useful list is what I'm after!

2 thumbs up here.

--Edward / Cool_Blue (UNH-core)

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