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Re: Problem with MOO server

On Wed, 1 May 1996, Levy T wrote:

> Hi,
> I got one from the ftp archive (The Version 1.6.1, 14 August 1992).

	We're now at version 1.8.0p4 and core release Dec 25th, 1995
	I'd suggest you upgrade.

> I have compiled and executed it on SunOS 1 4.1.3.

> So, as I try to connect the server, the connection is OK on the right 
> port ,but it just tells me "I couldn't understand that", each time I type 
> a  command.

	It probably is because you didn't log in yet.  When you first telnet 
to the moo (and port) you need to login first before you can execute any 
commands.  Try 'connect wizard' when you telnet to it.

	Junkie's 'R' Us


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