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Re: Problem with MOO server

> I am currently trying to set up a MOO server at the City University.
> I got one from the ftp archive (The Version 1.6.1, 14 August 1992).
> I have compiled and executed it on SunOS 1 4.1.3.
> Everything seems to be OK (I use the internal moo and restart command, 
> without  knowing how to use it).
> So, as I try to connect the server, the connection is OK on the right 
> port ,but it just tells me "I couldn't understand that", each time I type 
> a  command.
> Does somebody know about this problem?
> I guess, it might come from the database (I have many, but I don't know if they are really connected to the server?).

Which database did you start up?  The Minimal, or did you get a copy of 
the LambdaCORE and use that?  It sounds to me like you're using a 
Minimal, which I do NOT recommend, unless you are _very_ good at coding 
MOO and feel like spending an eternity programming, and want a MOO for a 
use entirely different from any other MOOs.  The core databases can be 
gotten in the same directory as the moo server.



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